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Microsoft Kinect, Pranav Mistry, and Google Voice Recognition

Pranav Mistry, a former Microsoft UX Researcher, is now a PhD student at MIT Media Arts Lab. Was he the brainchild behind Microsoft’s recent Kinect for XBOX360? Mistry’s educational background and past work experience in Computer Science, User Experience Research and Industrial Design demonstrates a strong integrating computer vision, augmented reality, and user experience design. Check out the TED video below in which demonstrates how his SixthSense technology can merge the virtual and physical worlds. That being said, this is obviously the future of User Interface/Experience Design. A future in which there is no interface. It’s just man and machine, and machine intelligently reads user input using computer vision. Carnagie Mellon Silicon Valley will have a speaker come to the NASA’s Moffett Field on April 26th to give a lecture on Designing and Developing Microsoft Kinect for XBOX360.


Google Voice Recognition Lecture

Google started work on Voice Search with 1(800) GOOG-411 and then ported this technology into Google Voice Search, from which they launched their audio transcription technology and developed it for Android’s voicemail transcription service. Really interesting lecture, check it out on CMU’s Lecture Site, here.