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CyberLions Awards 2009

For a while I thought Interactive took a nap but the Cannes Lion’s entries proved otherwise. Though its not as exciting as the work R/GA has produced in the past, here are this years best entries:

The Best Job in the World by Cumminsnitro Brisbane is a recruitment site for the “Best Job in The World.” It was made to promote the tourism industry in Australia and also to attract people to come work on this Island. You get a giant rent-free apartment and $8,800 monthly salary to look after the Island.

To raise awareness of Queensland’s Islands of the Great Barrier Reef we created ‘The Best Job in the World’- a position that sounds too good to be true, but is a genuine opportunity with Tourism Queensland. We recruited through online job sites and small display ads, directing traffic to News of the opportunity spread across online news sites, forums and blogs. In 56 days had 6,849,504 visits, 47,548,514 page views with an average of 8.62 minutes spent on the site. 36,648 people from 201* countries applied. And we received over 450,000 votes for the Wild Card applicant. *Web-coded countries (only 195 countries are recognised by the UN).

Fiat eco:Drive by AKQA london is an application stored on a USB drive that plugs in your car and records your driving habits. When you’re back on the computer, the application shows you how to drive better.

Fiat is the first car manufacturer to launch the concept of ‘The Connected Car’, developing an innovative way of mapping a car’s engine, and thus providing diagnostics about how the car is being driven. We saw a huge opportunity to send this data to a USB stick via Blue&Me™ (Fiat’s in-car Bluetooth system); it could then be collected and analysed via a user-friendly desktop application. Called eco:Drive and based on real and accurate journey data, the technology allows Fiat drivers to easily understand how their driving techniques and habits can be improved to reduce CO2 emissions and save money on fuel.

SO what is a Cannes Lions Award actually worth?


Interesting email ad made by Tribal DDB (won the junk mail awards at the Webby’s 2009):

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