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Fold It, a massive multiplayer online game, cracks AIDS Protein Configuration!


Can massive multiplayer online (MMO) games tap into in the wisdom of crowds to solve the world’s biggest problems? One company, called FoldIt, is doing exactly that. In nature, form follows function. But the form, structure, and folding of proteins is largely an unsolved mystery. No computer program has been able to collect enough artificial intelligence to model protein structures on its own. This is where FoldIt comes in. Non scientists are able to “design” the structure of a protein on their laptop computers. The configuration are refined till the structure realizes its lowest energy state. Non scientists are helping the scientific community to solve problems they couldn’t in decades. As proof, the FoldIt community, has cracked the protein structure of the AIDS virus. Web 2.0 and the wisdom of crowds is progressing science. This is the power of collaboration in the world of Science 2.0.

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