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Symbolic References of the Apple Logo: Urban Legend or the Truth?

The urban legend is actually really interesting — it’s symbolic of Alan Turing’s (the world renowned computer scientist) suicide attempt by biting into a cyanide laced apple.

The religious symbolic references (tree of knowledge, adam and eve, desire, the forbidden fruit), and the reference to Newton sitting underneath the tree (and getting that flash of insight that connected the celestial and the subatomic) are actually things that Steve Jobs’ wanted to convey in early drawings of the Apple logo. He refers to this logo as the Newtonian logo. See below.

What more could you want to instill in a company you are founding right? Truth, desire, creativity, insight, epiphany, and transcendence. I’m just left speechless.

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Every time a SVP joined Apple, Steve Jobs asked them, “what is the difference between a VP and a janitor at Apple?”

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