See 9+ years of product design experience


Launched a B2B payments and credit network for small businesses

On average, each U.S. small business has $84,000 in unpaid invoices because businesses extend Net terms (credit) to their customers. With Fundbox Pay, the selling party gets paid right away. The buying party gets 60 days to pay for purchases.

My role: Data analysis, customer research, interaction and visual design.

Fundbox Pay
Counsyl's FirstSteps & FirstCare Counsyl

Increased sales for Counsyl’s DNA tests by launching two digital apps

FirstSteps is a digital guide to genetics for expecting mothers. FirstCare is a digital cancer risk assessment tool.

My role: Data analysis, customer research, interaction and visual design.


Created engagement rules and a human interface guideline for SamsungONE

Discovering media content on televisions is difficult. SamsungONE is a multi-platform software solution that allows people to control their TV using their phone.

My role: Storyboarding, interaction and visual design.

Counsyl's Online Order Channel Counsyl

Increased order fulfillment sixfold for Counsyl’s online order channel

Only 1.3% of consumer order requests were fulfilled because ordering DNA tests requires a physician’s authorization. I increased order fulfillment by 6X and reduced turnaround time for Counsyl’s online order channel.

My role: Data analysis, customer research, interaction and visual design.

Notable ZURB

Strategized and launched Notable, a design presentation product

Designers do not have a tool for effective design iteration. Notable is a web-based application that enables product designers to present and get feedback on design work.

My role: Market and customer research, interaction design and front-end engineering.

Karmic Labs ZURB

Created a design system for an expense reporting product

Expense reporting is time-consuming for employees and costly employers. Karmic Labs issues spending cards to employees and automatically categorizes expenses.

My role: Interaction design, visual design and front-end engineering.

SAP Care Circles ZURB

Prototyped an analytics tool for hospital administrators

Hospital administrators need to reduce cost but lack insights and software automate processes. SAP’s Care Circles is a data analysis tool for hospital administrators to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

My role: Storyboarding and interaction design.

Aerospike ZURB

Designed a marketing website for a database company

Traditional database architecture is too expensive for real-time data analysis. Aerospike is high speed, scalable, and reliable NoSQL database.

My role: Content strategy, visual design and front-end engineering.

Trunomi Mobile ZURB

Strategized and designed an identity verification software product

Financial companies and their customers bear the risk of transacting personal information. With Trunomi Mobile, customers of financial companies can securely transact and control access to personal information with financial companies.

My role: Design strategy, interaction design and front-end engineering.