Increased sales for Counsyl’s DNA tests by launching two digital apps

FirstSteps is a digital guide to genetics for expecting mothers. FirstCare is a digital cancer risk assessment tool.

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Counsyl's FirstSteps & FirstCare


Only 10% of patients with a family history of cancer are prescribed DNA tests. Hospitals store family histories but do not know how to leverage this data to identify patients who may be at-risk for cancer.


FirstCare productizes a one-hour interview with a genetic counselor, updates family history data in medical records and recommends DNA testing to high-risk patients.

My role

  1. Led solution discovery for FirstCare
  2. Led usability studies
  3. Analyzed pilot program results

The team

Cross-functional team with designers, engineers, sales, marketing, product, legal and more. Estimated size: 20 people.

Led solution discovery for FirstCare

Key result: Created a business case for FirstCare, a software program that analyzes family history data to assess cancer risk

Led solution discovery for FirstCare

Led usability studies

Key result: Captured key findings to improve design and content

Led usability testing for FirstCare

Led prototyping and design

Key result: Launched two proof-of-concepts with strategic hospital customers

Led prototyping and design for FirstCare

Analyzed pilot program results

Key result: Prioritized new features and improvements based on product analysis

Analyzed FirstCare program results