Launched a B2B payments and credit network for small businesses

With Fundbox Pay, the selling party gets paid right away. The buying party gets 60 days to pay for purchases.

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Fundbox Pay


On average, each U.S. small business has $84,000 in unpaid invoices. SMBs extend credit for unpaid invoices to grow and stay competitive but businseses should not have to act like banks.


Fundbox Pay offers payments and credit to small businesses. Sellers are paid right away and buyers get better terms on invoices.

My role

  1. Redesigned loan and payments dashboard
  2. Increased network effects and seller LTV
  3. Increased buyer acquisition
  4. Led customer research

The team

Cross-functional team with designers, CS&Ops, engineers, sales, marketing, product, legal and more. Estimated size: 20 people.

Redesigned payments and loan dashboard

Key result: Simplified dashboard design

Fundbox Pay dashboard design

Increased network effects and seller LTV

Key result: +450% increase in viral coefficient (buyers approved per seller)

Invite flow for Fundbox Pay

Increased buyer acquisition

Key result: +24% lift in buyer approval rate by filtering buyers in “unsupported” U.S. states upfront

Fundbox Pay registration page

Led customer research

Key result: Helped to build a segment specific product for distributors and wholesalers

Market and customer research for Fundbox Pay